Insurance Solutions for Global Mobility and Specialty Risks

Tailored Global Insurance Solutions for Brokers, Multinational Companies and Organizations, Relocation Companies, and Property Managers.

Proud Sponsor of the Insurance Business Canada Awards

Since 2022, XN has been a proud sponsor of the Insurance Business Canada Awards (IBCAs). We have been sponsoring the XN Worldwide Insurance Award for Brokerage of the Year (10-100 Staff), recognizing the best brokerage with 10-100 staff in Canada that has displayed excellence over the past 12-18 months.

XN is a Global Insurance Solution Provider

We design tailored insurance programs in Global Mobility and Property & Casualty. 

We work for

  • Brokers, multinational companies and organizations, relocation companies needing to cover the health, safety, personal belongings and liability of international assignees.

  • Brokers and property managers looking to protect portfolios of residential dwellings against risks unique to the ownership of rented or vacant properties. 

As a Managing General Agent and Underwriter (MGA/MGU), our expertise in international risk assessment and underwriting gives us an in-depth understanding of the special risks each of these clients face.

The result

A complete suite of tailored global insurance solutions backed by Lloyd’s of London or other A-rated carriers with whom we have privileged relationships.

What’s more, XN provides a state-of-the-art policy and claims administration service for clients and beneficiaries through our online platforms.

We are proudly part of the Henner Group, a leading international broker in employee benefits and a third party administrator.

Property & Casualty Insurance Programs

Residential Property Managers need specialized insurance to cover their unique risks for their rented or vacant dwellings including property damage and owner’s liability.

XN can identify these important property and liability risks for domestic property portfolios. 

Our in-depth understanding of insurance requirements in real estate enables us to tailor international insurance solutions for Brokers, Relocation Companies and Property managers that cover risks some insurance companies may not consider.

Global Mobility Insurance Programs

International short term or long-term assignees are a precious resource for multinational companies and organizations.

They may face new threats abroad pertaining to their health, safety, personal belongings and liability.

XN’s tailored Global Mobility insurance programs with optional features deliver holistic coverage policies for Brokers, Relocation Companies and Global Clients. They cover international assignees and their families while fulfilling their sponsor’s duty of care.

Globally mobile assignees to protect,
or a portfolio of properties to cover?

Why choose us?

International Underwriting Expertise

Building on our international expertise in specialty risk assessment and underwriting, XN provides insurance solutions that can be tailored to your circumstances.

Risk Placement with A-Rated Carriers

As a Coverholder of Lloyd’s of London, we represent the world’s oldest and largest insurance market. We have the authority to issue coverage on their behalf. In addition, we foster privileged relationships with other A-rated carriers.

International Standards of Compliance

Drawing on our 20 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the insurance market, XN is committed to respecting the highest standards of compliance in our policies.

Streamlined Claims and Administration

For policy management, our broker-partners and clients count on the responsive service of our dedicated Key Account Management team and our simplified administration process.

For more reasons to choose XN


Our Clients & Industries


For Multinational Companies and NGOs/IGOs, it’s in having their international assignees, volunteers or expatriates traveling or relocating beyond the borders of home.

For property managers, it’s their exposure to damage and liability risks pertaining to the ownership and management of rented or vacant dwellings.

At XN, we specialize in covering these risks. We tailor global insurance solutions that will fulfill your duty of care while allaying concerns about healthcare, property, security, and liability.

Our Broker-Partners


We are here to help when you’re assessing the risk of clients in global mobility or property management. Our international underwriting expertise is one of the big reasons why many insurance Brokers partner with us.

In addition, with our knowledge of the legal, regulatory, and insurance environments, our broker-partners can confidently advise their clients on specialized, adequate and tailored range of insurance programs.