Global Property Management Insurance

Comprehensive Global Property Insurance for Property Managers.

Global Property Management Insurance

Comprehensive Global Property Insurance


Property managers are vulnerable to a wide range of potential property and liability risks.

Furthermore, a domestic insurer or liability insurance policy may not adequately cover damages and liabilities arising from the management or ownership of properties.

XN’s Global Property Management Insurance program covers a wide range of dwellings, from vacant, rented, or soon-to-be renovated properties to condos and vacation rentals. This program can include the building itself, wind damage, and tenant risks.

Guided by our 20 years of experience, we are able to work closely with real estate owners and corporate property managers to fulfill their coverage needs.

Key Coverage Features

Subject to policy terms, limitations and coverage.

  • We automatically extend 10% of the insured value of the dwelling to insure other structures located on the premises.

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Streamlined Services in


Easy administration icon

Easy Administration

Status of occupancies in the portfolio of your properties is updated monthly. 

Dedicated Account Management icon

Front-line account management

Dedicated account managers and underwriters, provide personalized administrative support.

Simplified cost management icon

Simplified cost management

To facilitate your cash flow management, the premium is billed monthly.

In-house claims team icon

In-house claims team

Claims professionals guide insured members through the claims process.

Claims payments are issued within five business days of settlement.

Comprehensive Property & Casualty Insurance Programs

For property portfolios

Temporary Housing Insurance

Temporary Housing Insurance

Our group program offers property and premises liability coverage for short-term assignees during business travel, whether it’s domestic or international.

Tenant Insurance for Property Managers

Tenant Insurance

Our property and personal liability group policies provide solid coverage for all tenants of a real estate company or property portfolio manager.