Global Moving Insurance

Global Moving Insurance for International Assignees.

Global Moving Insurance

Comprehensive Worldwide Coverage


XN’s Global Moving Insurance provides comprehensive worldwide coverage of the personal belongings of international assignees at every stage of their move, from professional packing to unpacking.

The program covers most physical damage, including breakage, disappearance, loss, theft, and water damage.

For brokers and multinational companies or organizations with international assignees, our program offers advantages such as:

  • Coverage that extends to most personal effects, furniture, and valuables
  • Coverage for transportation and storage exposures during transit, regardless of the carrier’s means of transportation

And, of course, XN’s first-class service makes any claims processing a swift and seamless process.

Key Coverage Features

Subject to policy terms, limitations and coverage.

Coverage takes effect the moment the goods are professionally packed, and ends only when the goods are delivered.

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First-Class Service


Secure member portals icon

Secure member portal

Easy to use beneficiaries and client portals can be available for claim or policy management.

Fast claims payment icon

Fast claims payment

Claims payment is issued within five business days of settlement.

In-house claims team icon

In-house claims team

Multilingual and licensed claims professionals guide insured members through the claims process.

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