Global Personal Belongings and Personal Liability Insurance

All-Risk Worldwide Coverage for International Assignees.

Global Personal Belongings and Personal Liability Insurance

Personal Belongings and Personal Liability Program

Mobile employees can be vulnerable during a relocation or an assignment abroad. Encountering unfamiliar environments and increased threats to their safety and security, they may be less prepared to handle these situations than they would be at home.

For brokers and international companies and organizations that seek to allay these concerns, XN offers a Global Personal Belongings and Personal Liability insurance program for people relocating or on assignment abroad.

The all-risk worldwide coverage of our program covers both personal belongings and personal liability, such as lawsuits resulting from accidents causing property damage or injury to someone.

Key Coverage Features

Subject to policy terms, limitations and coverage.

The international assignee’s belongings are insured at full replacement cost. Valuable items are covered on an “agreed-upon” basis.

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Global Personal Belongings and Liability Insurance

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Dedicated Account Management icon

Dedicated account management

XN's dedicated account managers provide administrative, enrollment, and invoicing services, including a paperless online process and single joint invoices. Live assistance for insured members is also available through the XN Global Service Center.

Fast claims payment icon

Fast claims payment

Claims payment is issued within five business days of settlement.

In-house claims team icon

In-house claims team

Multilingual claims professionals guide insured members through the claims process.

Secure member portals icon

Secure member portals

Easy-to-use portals for members and clients can be available for claim or policy management.

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