Insurance for Property Management

Tailored Coverage Programs for Property Managers.

Insurance for Property Management

For property portfolio managers

Managers of residential property portfolios sometimes find their dwellings difficult to insure. Their properties are, of course, as vulnerable to the same perils as any other dwelling,

Yet, their domestic insurer may not adequately cover damages and liabilities stemming from the management or ownership of properties.

That’s where XN can help.

With 20 years of experience in the assessment and underwriting of property risk, XN’s specialists help property managers identify the risks of their portfolio, then design the most suitable insurance program.

Our insurance program for property and liability covers a wide range of dwellings, from vacant or rented properties to condos, and vacation rentals. This range spans single-family homes up to 12-unit multifamily locations, as well as dwellings being renovated. We can also cover tenants for short or long term periods.

Policy administration is simplified thanks to XN’s dedicated account managers and our Global Service Center. Cost management is made easier through our monthly billing of premiums.

XN Insurance Programs

Deliver Comprehensive Coverage

Global Property Management Insurance

Global Property Management Insurance

Property managers of rented residential and vacation dwellings benefit from property and casualty coverage even when their properties are vacant.

Tenant Insurance for Property Managers

Tenants Insurance for Property Managers

Our property and personal liability group policy covers all tenants of a real estate company or property portfolio manager.

International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance

This corporate program offers international assignees and expatriates peace of mind through comprehensive healthcare. It covers medical care and emergency evacuation and repatriation, and has options such as dental and vision.

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Why choose us?

International Underwriting Expertise

Building on our international expertise in specialty risk assessment and underwriting, XN provides insurance solutions that can be tailored to your circumstances.

Risk Placement with A-Rated Carriers

As a Coverholder of Lloyd’s of London, we represent the world’s oldest and largest insurance market. We have the authority to issue coverage on their behalf. In addition, we foster privileged relationships with other A-rated carriers.

International Standards of Compliance

Drawing on our 20 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the insurance market, XN is committed to respecting the highest standards of compliance in our policies.

Streamlined Claims and Administration

For policy management, our broker-partners and clients count on the responsive service of our dedicated Key Account Management team and our simplified administration process.