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How to Submit a Claim.

Accident and Health Claims


  • International Health Insurance

How to Submit a Claim

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Other Benefit Programs:

  • Expatriate Corporate Life, AD&D & Disability Insurance
  • Business Travel Insurance

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Property and Casualty Claims


  1. Global Personal belongings & Liability Insurance
  2. Global Moving Insurance
  3. Global Property Management
  4. Tenants Insurance
  5. Temporary Housing Insurance for Property Managers

Claims Process

  1. Claim Submission
  2. Claim Review
  3. Settlement
  4. Payment

If you need to send specific documents by fax, please use this number: +1-877-908-1837

  • Your policy number

  • The name of your employer or sponsor

  • Your contact details and email address

  • Business and home phone numbers

  • The location and date of claim

  • A brief description of the claim

We nurture relationships with our customers by delivering on our promise to be there when you need us most. While we hope you will never need to file a claim, we can guarantee that if you do, our claims experts will handle each situation with professionalism, a keen attention to detail, and clear communication. We focus on getting you back to business quickly with transparency, innovative tools, and personalized support to ease the burden of filing and resolving a claim.

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