Business Travel Insurance

XN provides Travel Medical and Accident Insurance for International Business Travelers.

Business Travel Insurance

Emergency Medical Care


Global companies and organizations count on their short-term assignees and business travelers to drive key mandates. Sometimes, these travelers may experience an illness or injury while outside their country of residence.

XN’s program covers emergency medical care in case of accident or illness on work-related journeys of up to 180 days outside the country of residence. It includes options for repatriation, medical, security/political assistance and evacuation. Coverage extends to most countries, including several high-risk areas.

This plan is designed to be complementary to national or provincial comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Key Coverage Features

Subject to policy terms, limitations and coverage.

Inpatient medical monitoring and case management support when admitted to hospital.

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First-Class Service


Worldwide medical network icon

Worldwide medical network

Access to over 1.7 million partners worldwide, including some of the most remote locations.

In-house claims team icon

24/7 support for members

Efficient claims treatment/reimbursement and service available in 34 languages.

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Streamlined administrative support

Dedicated account managers make enrollment and policy implementation easy.

Global Risk Intelligence Alerts icon

Global risk intelligence alerts

Daily monitoring of potential security and evacuation threats with our global evacuation partner.

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